Network Diagnostic Tools

NetFire Ember offers exceptional network troubleshooting capabilities specifically designed for networks deployed with NetFire Edge Cloud or Custom Cloud. Experience the ease of diagnosing and resolving issues with our powerful remote troubleshooting tools. Simplify your troubleshooting process like never before.

Each Ember is deployed with a “nettools” container containing many useful network diagnostic tools including but not limited to:

  1. tcpdump: A powerful command-line packet analyzer. It allows the user to display TCP/IP and other packets being transmitted or received over a network.
  2. curl: A command-line tool for transferring data with URLs. It supports various protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and SFTP.
  3. traceroute: A network diagnostic tool used to track the pathway taken by a packet on an IP network from source to destination, and report transit delays of packets across an IP network.
  4. iputils-ping: Implements the ICMP protocol's mandatory ECHO_REQUEST datagram (ping) functionality. It's used to check the reachability of a host on an IP network.
  5. iputils-tracepath: A network diagnostic tool similar to traceroute, but it doesn't require root privileges. It discovers MTU along the path and gives a detailed route path report.
  6. nmap: Network Mapper, or 'nmap' for short, is a security scanner used to discover hosts and services on a computer network, thus creating a "map" of the network.
  7. openssh-client: A secure shell (SSH) client used for secure remote network communication or remote command execution.
  8. speedtest-cli: A command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using
  9. dnsutils: A package of tools including 'dig', 'nslookup', and 'host' for querying information from the DNS servers.
  10. jq: A lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor. It's like 'sed' for JSON data.
  11. mtr: Combines the functionality of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs in a single network diagnostic tool.
  12. iperf3: A tool to measure the bandwidth and the quality of a network link.
  13. net-tools: A collection of programs that form the base set of the NET-3 networking distribution for the Linux operating system. It includes tools like 'ifconfig', 'netstat', 'route', etc.
  14. netcat: Often referred to as a "Swiss-army knife for TCP/IP," netcat is a simple Unix utility which reads and writes data across network connections, using TCP or UDP protocol.