Virtual Firewall

The NetFire Cloud Virtual Firewall, designed to protect your cloud environment, leverages advanced virtualization technology to mitigate cyber threats. Operating at the virtualization layer, it provides an additional layer of security for your virtual machines, separate from other NetFire security measures.

The NetFire Cloud proudly features a robust Virtual Firewall as a standard offering, designed to defend your virtual machines against diverse threats such as botnet port scans. Our Virtual Firewall operates at the virtualization layer, employing sophisticated proprietary technology created in-house at NetFire. This offers real-time protection against an extensive array of cyber threats.

What sets our Virtual Firewall apart is its user-friendly nature and ease of deployment to your cloud environment. In addition, it boasts high scalability, allowing you to adapt the protective measures as per your evolving requirements. As a distinct layer of security independent from our other offerings, such as the Network Firewall, it contributes significantly to the multi-faceted security coverage of your NetFire Cloud resources.


API reference for NetFire Cloud Virtual Firewall will be available Q4 2023.