Cloud Storage

NetFire Cloud Storage is built to be highly-available, scalable, and with secure public access.

NetFire Cloud Storage, utilizing S3 and Swift APIs, is a geo-scalable and secure object storage solution. Perfect for both businesses and individuals, it provides greater flexibility and accessibility than traditional physical storage systems or persistent block storage, thereby streamlining your storage implementations for various use cases.

Here are the key aspects of our Cloud Storage service:

  • Backup, Archive, and Recovery: NetFire's nearline storage option reduces backup and archive costs by offering a cost-effective solution for storing data accessed infrequently, while still ensuring swift access when needed.
  • Media Streaming: Take advantage of our geo-redundant capabilities to directly stream audio or video content. This is ideal for providing high performance and availability to users distributed across various regions.
  • Data Lakes for Analytics: Build and manage data pipelines to analyze extensive datasets. NetFire Cloud Storage guarantees strong consistency and high performance, empowering you to confidently undertake analytics workloads.
  • Machine Learning and AI Tools: Once your data is stored, leverage our services to train deep learning and machine learning models cost-effectively.
  • Static Website Hosting: Our Cloud Storage provides an efficient way to host and serve static content or user-uploaded media, thereby reducing the load on your web app.

API reference documentation for NetFire Cloud Storage can be found here. A list of supported and tested GUI/CLI clients can be found here.