Cloud Firewall

NetFire brings you an array of robust cloud firewall options, delivering holistic protection for your cloud environment. Our strategy employs a multi-layered defense, effectively mitigating potential attacks across a wide array of vectors and safeguarding against user errors and any potential bypasses of stateful and packet inspection.

  • Our NetFire Cloud Virtual Firewall is a standout feature, operating directly at the virtualization layer of your virtual machine. It utilizes advanced proprietary technology, providing real-time protection against dynamic cyber threats. This firewall is meticulously designed to protect your virtual assets from unauthorized access and to guard against vulnerabilities.
  • Additionally, our Network Firewall brings robustness to network level security. It meticulously inspects each network packet using our advanced Juniper SRX platform. This state-of-the-art technology empowers us to block malicious traffic and fortify your network against external threats.
  • Moreover, we offer an adept NetFire management & monitoring interface for Microsoft Windows firewalls, fully integrated into Active Directory and equipped with built-in Slack notifications.
    These diverse firewalls, working in unison, ensure your cloud-hosted data is safeguarded at multiple independent layers against a broad spectrum of cyber threats. With NetFire, you can be confident of a secure and resilient cloud environment.