Network Firewall

The NetFire Cloud Network Firewall, built in partnership with Juniper, is a specialized security service for rigorous internet traffic filtration within your NetFire Cloud environment. It leverages rule-based controls at the network layer, considering parameters like source IP addresses, protocols, and ports.

The NetFire Cloud Network Firewall, leveraging the strength of the Juniper SRX platform, serves as a pivotal part of our multi-layered security approach. This sophisticated service meticulously filters internet traffic to and from your NetFire Cloud network, independently of other security measures such as the NetFire Cloud Virtual Firewall.

Using carefully formulated firewall rules, it controls traffic based on various criteria, including source IP addresses, protocols, and ports. This independent, network-level layer of security ensures comprehensive coverage and robust defense, even if other security measures fail or are bypassed.

As part of our commitment to rigorous security, this service plays an essential role in protecting your NetFire Cloud resources from unauthorized or malicious access. By focusing on the enforcement of security best practices, the NetFire Cloud Network Firewall significantly bolsters the security posture of your cloud environment.

NetFire is currently providing this dedicated service to cloud customers in all regions.


API reference for NetFire Cloud Network Firewall will be available Q2 2024.