Ember Overview

NetFire Ember provides a seamless solution for connecting your on-premises network to NetFire Cloud services. With NetFire Ember, you can effortlessly experience the benefits of cloud connectivity, empowering your business to thrive in the modern cloud era. Explore the capabilities of NetFire Ember and unlock new possibilities for your organization today.

NetFire Ember is a low power, highly available hardware solution that offers a comprehensive range of features to enhance your network infrastructure. In addition to seamlessly connecting on-premises networks to NetFire Cloud, Ember provides a host of powerful capabilities:

  • Network Diagnostics: Easily diagnose and troubleshoot network issues within your connected environment, ensuring optimal performance and uptime.
  • Internet Provider Monitoring and Failover: Monitor the performance and reliability of your internet service providers (ISPs) and automatically failover to alternate connections in case of disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted network connectivity.
  • Network Delivered OS Installs: Streamline your operations by leveraging network delivery for efficient installation of operating systems across your network devices, reducing deployment time and effort.
  • Rescue Images: Safeguard your network by creating rescue images, enabling quick recovery in case of system failures or unforeseen events.
  • Computer and Server Hardware Diagnostic Tools: Access built-in hardware diagnostic tools to efficiently troubleshoot and maintain the health of your computer and server hardware.
  • Low-Power IoT Device: NetFire Ember, with its low-power design, provides a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for connecting your on-premises network to NetFire Cloud services.
  • Containerization Support: Ember supports containerization, enabling the deployment of local services in a simplified and automated manner.

NetFire Ember's feature-rich capabilities empower your business with enhanced connectivity, streamlined operations, and cost-effective deployment of services. Experience the advanced functionality and flexibility of NetFire Ember as it revolutionizes your network connectivity within the NetFire Cloud ecosystem.

Try it out today and experience the convenience of connecting to NetFire Cloud services from your own network.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact support by emailing [email protected] or submit a request directly to our help desk.