Update existing hosts.
Requires "Update" permission.

Partial updates are supported, but a HostID cannot be modified once created -- it would need to be deleted and recreated with the new HostID.

If no HostID is provided, an HTTP 400 Bad Request status will be returned.

If a nonexistent HostID is provided, an HTTP 404 Not Found status will be returned.

Like with Create Host, if the HTTP Body fails data validation (e.g. does not include a name or target), an HTTP 422 Unprocessable Content status response will be returned. No explicit/static error is defined for this condition, as the output will vary depending on what actual validation failed. It will, however, always be in the form of {"error": "<error message>"}.


Forcing an Update

If you provide an empty HTTP Body, the Host will be re-templated/re-applied. This is particularly useful if you have recently had NetFire update your site's configuration (such as adding headers to support WebSockets, etc.).