Update existing Redirect.
Requires "Update" permission.

Partial updates are supported, but a Redirect's id, path, urls, or modifier cannot be modified once created -- it would need to be deleted and recreated with a new path or modifier (the other two are read-only).

If no Redirect ID is provided, a 204 No Content status will be returned and the server configuration will be silently refreshed (see Forcing an Update note below).

If a nonexistent Redirect ID is provided, an HTTP 404 Not Found status will be returned.

Like with Create Redirect, if the HTTP Body fails data validation (e.g. does not include a name or target), an HTTP 422 Unprocessable Content status response will be returned. No explicit/static error is defined for this condition, as the output will vary depending on what actual validation failed. It will, however, always be in the form of {"error": "<error message>"}.


Forcing an Update

If you provide an empty HTTP Body and/or no Redirect ID, all _Redirect_s will be re-templated/re-applied (and, if provided in the case of an empty body, the specified Redirect ID will be ignored). This is particularly useful if you have recently had NetFire update your site's configuration.