Create new Redirects under the tenant.
Requires "Create" permission.

This same endpoint handles creation for both Return and Rewrite objects. Specify only one, however.

If a Redirect already exists with the specified combination of modifier and path, an HTTP 409 Conflict status will be returned with a Location header pointing to the existing Redirect object's API path.

Upon successful creation, the return status is a 201response with a Location: header of the newly-created object's URL and the body containing the new Redirect.

If the HTTP Body is invalid JSON, the Body is empty, or Content-Type is not specified or specified as a different MIME type, then an HTTP 415 Unsupported Media Type status response will be returned.

If the HTTP Body fails data validation (e.g. does not include a path or target for a Return), an HTTP 422 Unprocessable Content status response will be returned. No explicit/static error is defined for this condition, as the output will vary depending on what actual validation failed. It will, however, always be in the form of {"error": "<error message>"}.