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The changelog tracks code changes in the API service itself.

Take careful note of the version number changes and how they relate to the versioning system used.



Various backend fixes, minor usability improvements; documentation updated to match new behavior where changes are made.
Backward compatibility is maintained in this release, however; all improvements are quality-of-life improvements/shortcuts or performance-related.



The Content-Type header for a successful creation/POST was text/plain, not application/json. This can cause automatic parsing clients to not populate/function correctly. This is now fixed; it returns the proper Content-Type of application/json.



Fixed issue in which if a GET for a nonexistent redirect was specified, a 200 return of a JSON null would be returned. Per docs and design, a 404 with error should have been returned instead. The behavior now matches this expectation.



Fixed issue in which attempting to create a redirect that already existed would return a 502 with inaccurate HTML body message instead of a 409 with proper JSON error body message.



Backend performance improvements and management improvements. Exposed/public API behavior remains unaffected.



First public release.